Redlin’s living painting

Conservation Park encompasses thirty acres of park and wetlands surrounding the Redlin Art Center. Terry himself designed the contoured hills, waterways, and trees, just as he did each time his paintbrush touched canvas. It’s “Redlin’s living painting.”

With over one mile of walking trails dotted with bridges and gazebos, visitors can spend ample time outdoors. The walking trails wind throughout the park, from the groomed areas by the Redlin Pavilion, to the natural landscape by the property’s outskirts.

There are birdhouses and natural prairie plants to fit Terry’s love of conservation efforts. The planted prairie grasses and wildflowers provide enough cover and food for the animals to make the park their home. And visitors can see the wildlife that flocks to the wetlands.

Bird houses and wood duck houses located throughout the park host our feathered friends. All are in plain sight too. Kids can also feed friendly geese from our corn feeders. Lucky visitors may even spot a pheasant, grouse, or a wild turkey!

Pack a picnic, walk your pets, or just take in nature’s canvas—after all, it’s what Terry drew inspiration from each day.

Wildlife works

Terry was an admirer of nature and dedicated wildlife painter. Explore his wildlife paintings in the Collection.