Caring for your print

Use the proper mat and frame.

Look for a quality, acid-free mat with one of the following labels:

  • museum board
  • conservation board
  • 100% rag board
  • lignin-free board

Clean your print safely.

Dust your print 2–3 times per year. Avoid abrasive cleaners and feather dusters as they can scratch the print.

Avoid excessive light.

Over time, light can cause your print to fade—especially ultraviolet light from the sun, fluorescent light bulbs, and halogen lamps. Hang or store your print in an area away from constant light exposure.

Avoid high temperatures and humidity.

A hot and humid room such as an attic, basement, garage, or bathroom can damage your print. Use air conditioning, a humidifier, or dehumidifier to regulate the interior environment if needed.

Store your prints properly.

Place your print in an acid-free, archival quality box or folder. Store it flat in a low-light area with temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and relative humidity between 30 and 50%.

Determining the value of your print

If you own a Terry Redlin limited edition, you should consider having the print professionally appraised and added to your insurance policy.

The Redlin Art Center does not estimate or appraise the value of Terry Redlin’s prints. If you want to estimate it yourself before seeking an appraisal, here are some options.

Make sure you understand what type of print you have. This will affect the price.

Search the Redlin Gift Shop for your print. If we still have it in inventory, you can see our listed retail price. Please note that these prints are in perfect condition. Your appraisal may differ based on the condition of your print.

You can also contact an independent art broker/appraiser for his professional opinion. This service is not free of charge and a fee may be charged to evaluate your print. We recommend an independent art broker by the name of Arlen Axdahl. You can reach him via cell or text at 321-360-9435 or email at

The Redlin Center does not endorse any appraisals or third-party organizations. Whenever possible seek a professional appraisal that takes the condition of the print and the current market into consideration.

Contact us

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