Home to more than 160 Terry Redlin originals

The Gallery is the crown jewel of the Redlin Art Center. It houses every original Redlin oil painting since 1985. Each painting tells a story and marks a specific time in Terry Redlin’s life and career. The Redlin Center has been fortunate enough to acquire many of Terry’s early paintings from 1977–1984, which were added to the collection in 1999 and again in 2014. See the history of the Redlin Art Center to learn how we acquired the Collection. To view the paintings, visitors walk through hallways lined with oak railings, which allows for a more intimate experience than an open gallery space. Gray, black, and white polished granite floors and walls surround the Collection, making the vibrant jewel-like tones in the oil paintings the focal point of the Gallery. Terry Redlin’s fine art prints are all reproduced from the original oil paintings featured in the Gallery. But making a trip is the only way to experience them in their full glory.

Explore the Collection

Learn more about every painting on view in the Gallery and explore the Collection online. You can sort pieces in by series, subject, title, and more. You can even purchase your favorite one. Our products are high quality with certified authenticity. Purchases also help fund the Center.