The Redlin Art Center is a great place for an educational field trip. Are you home schooling or are you an educator? We’d love to invite you to bring your students to the Redlin Art Center. We offer a fun game card to students – the games on the card are Gallery Bingo and Gallery Crossword. Each game is designed to encourage students to seek the answers to the puzzles by more closely examining the original art of Terry Redlin. These games make the gallery fun and have been a great success!

Student Groups are encouraged to enjoy the art while inside the gallery and then shift their focus to the great outdoors (weather permitting). With over 30 acres of natural prairie and wetlands in the Terry Redlin Conservation Park, groups are invited to hike through the park on over one mile of concrete walking trails.
Call us today at 605-882-3877 to book your field trip to the Redlin Art Center. As always, admission is free!