Terry Redlin painted memories from his childhood. In this image, “Evening Star“, he highlights the fun winter activities he enjoyed in Watertown, South Dakota. Years ago, the Bramble Park Zoo would flood its parking lot in the winter to create an ice skating rink. The kiddos would skate, and, in the evening, cars filled with parents would encircle the rink serving as flood lights AND warming houses! Although the Bramble Park Zoo does not flood their parking lot anymore, many locals still remember this special winter playground!
Here is Terry’s story:
The first star to appear in the evening sky twinkles more brightly than the others. It is the planet Venus, but stargazers prefer to call it the Evening Star. The children have just finished a long day of tobogganing and sledding and are now working on their new friend, the snowman. The dogs are tired from playing in the snow, but not too tired to spot the rabbit. Beneath the hill, the skating rink is encircled with cars filled with spectators to the evening’s entertainment. As the headlights burn through the ground fog, they become spotlights on the young skaters. In this print, Terry Redlin captures the magic of this snowy winter playground.