Autumn Run



The Encore II Edition is an unsigned, unnumbered print with an image size of 10-1/2” x 18”.

Autumn Run Encore II Print

This print is custom framed for you and usually ships within 10 business days.

Encore II open edition art print made from the original oil painting. Image size, 10-1/2″ x 18″. Framed size 22-1/2″ x 30″ with 3″ rustic matte finished moulding. Double matting with faux-textured, earthen brown outer mat.

Autumn Run - Framed Encore II

Artist's proofs are additional prints not included in, but of the same quality as, the regular limited edition. In a print edition, artist's proofs are the first prints to come off of the printing press. Artist's proofs are distinguished by the abbreviation AP and are numbered separately; they often represent 10 percent of an edition and are slightly more expensive than prints in the regular edition. Artist Proofs are most often signed by the artist.

Certificate of Authenticity
Artist proof edition of 96 signed and numbered prints
We are pleased to share a very special opportunity with Terry Redlin fans and collectors. The Redlin family has made their personal collection of limited edition prints available to the Redlin Art Center. Ever since his very first print was released, Terry saved for his own archives, a print from each of his editions. In fact, sometimes, he would save a few so that he would have them for his children, too. Now, since he has officially retired, he and his family have decided to make some of these rare and special editions available to the public. These prints are numbered and hand-signed by Terry Redlin and are part of the original edition. They have never been sold, but have been carefully stored for safe keeping by the Redlin family. Today, as part of their ongoing support of the Redlin Art Center, they are making some of these prints available for purchase. The Redlin Art Center would like to extend a special thank you to Terry Redlin and the Redlin family for making it possible for us to share some of these rare and collectible pieces of art.

Year Painted: 1981

Year Published: 1981

Selected Options
Material: Paper

Signed: Yes

Edition: Artist Proof

Framed: No

Image Size: 22”×19”

Autumn Run Artist Proof Unframed Print


Running Pair of White-tail Deer

Painted: 1980 Published: 1980

With their “flaps up”, a pair of white-tail deer are moving fast across a washout area. This late fall setting, with its dead trees and exposed, leaf filled roots, was an Outdoor Life cover.


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