Boulder Ridge



Artist's proofs are additional prints not included in, but of the same quality as, the regular limited edition. In a print edition, artist's proofs are the first prints to come off of the printing press. Artist's proofs are distinguished by the abbreviation AP and are numbered separately; they often represent 10 percent of an edition and are slightly more expensive than prints in the regular edition. Artist Proofs are most often signed by the artist.

Certificate of Authenticity
Artist proof edition of 480 signed and numbered prints

Image size: 24″ x 15″

Year Painted: 1988

Year Published: 1988

Selected Options
Material: Paper

Signed: Yes

Edition: Artist Proof

Framed: No

Image Size: 24”×15”

Boulder Ridge Artist Proof Print

This print is custom framed for you and usually ships within 10 business days.

Artist proof edition of 480 signed and numbered prints. Image size, 15″ x 24″.

Framed Size 26″ x 35″

Boulder Ridge - Framed Artist Proof


White-Tailed Deer Scouting the Ridge of a Frozen Lake

Painted: 1988 Published: 1988

While the area’s human inhabitants are warm and secure in the house below, two white-tailed deer quietly scout the boulder ridge. The frozen lake, the hard-packed snow and barren trees all remind us of how nature provides all of her species with their own special survival skills.


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