Morning on the Greens



The Elite Edition is an unsigned and unnumbered open edition print, usually with an image size of 14” x 24”.

Certificate of Authenticity

Morning on the Greens Elite Unframed Print

This print is custom framed for you and usually ships within 10 business days.

Image Size: 14″ X 24″

Framed Size: 25 1/4″ X 35 1/2″

Elite open edition art print made from the original oil painting.

Morning on the Greens Custom Framed Elite


The Natural Partnership of Wildlife Conservation and Golf

Painted: 2002 Published: 2003

In this, the third image in Terry Redlin’s “On the Greens” series, the artist illustrates how wildlife and man can coexist in close proximity. As dawn breaks, golfers on the far green begin their game while the swans in the conservation area peacefully settle on their nests. Only the errant golf balls in the stream indicate that the two groups sometimes interrupt each other’s day.


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