Sunset Harvest



The Elite Edition is an unsigned and unnumbered open edition print, usually with an image size of 14” x 24”.

Certificate of Authenticity

Sunset Harvest Elite Unframed Print

This print is custom framed for you and usually ships within 10 business days.

Elite open edition art print made from the original oil painting. Image size, 14″ x 24″. Framed size 26″ x 36″ with 3″ distressed walnut-finished moulding with gold bead inner edge. Double matting with faux-textured Earthen Brown outer mat.

Sunset Harvest Custom Framed Elite


Leaving a Few Rows for the White-tailed Deer

Painted: 1996 Published: 1998

In this classic Terry Redlin image, the local farmer demonstrates both a concern for his wildlife friends and the land he works. As the combines slowly rumble through the field, two rows of corn stalks are left standing. This not only provides winter feed for the deer who wait patiently and unafraid on the nearby knoll, but also serves as a natural windbreak for soil conservation. Careful observers will notice how the artist skillfully captures the subtle effects of light in this romantic scene. As the setting sun’s rays fight through the dust and chaff kicked up behind the combines, its normal bright roundness is both diffused and distorted.


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