We remember Helene Redlin on January 11, 2023, the third anniversary of her passing. She was a dedicated wife, mother and grandmother – and a tremendous business partner to Terry. While he painted, she handled the family business. In the early days, she was the one on the road visiting galleries to sell Terry’s prints. She was also the bookkeeper. What an amazing and inspirational lady!

Terry’s first date with Helene was at the 1955 Watertown High School Prom. “I wrote her a cryptic note,” Terry said: “Do you know anyone who would like to go to the prom?” Her written response was a not so cryptic: “No, I don’t.”

“Talk about embarrassed,” Terry said, “Finally, I asked her right out to be my date and she agreed.”

Helene was quoted in the book, “Master of Memories”. She said, “He was attractive and also a little on the wild side. He was a good dancer, but wore his jeans low on the hips. I guess it was the style then, but he made me a little nervous.”

What a love story!